FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


There are MANY variables that come into play when pricing a tattoo.

​       * SIZE

       * DETAIL

       * LOCATION

       * DESIGN TIME


​       * MATERIALS

These are just to name a few. Here at Acala Tattoo, we prefer to price per piece with smaller tattoos, but with more intricate pieces we charge our hourly rate. Call or stop by for a quote. We encourage and prefer face-to-face consultations.

Shop hours are currently Monday - Friday from 12p-8p

Any days or times requested outside of that schedule will be subject to an additional fee.


1. The process usually begins in one of two ways. Either send us an email with a description of what you want, along with any definitive pictorial reference that you may have, or stop in for a visit! Consultations are FREE. While it may be better to book a consultation, walk-ins are also an option, as long as the artists aren't in the middle of a session. But feel free to stop by if you're in the area. We respect the time of all our clients, including yours.

2. Once you're certain of what you want and where you want it, simply place a minimum $60 deposit to get the final design process started. The deposit is non-refundable, yet necessary in case you have to cancel your appointment, or change your mind. This covers our time spent drawing and secures your spot. However, as long as you follow through with your appointments, the money is put towards the final balance for your tattoo.

**Cancelations and Re-Schedules must occur 24 hrs or earlier BEFORE your appointment date and time, to not lose deposit.

Also, last minute cancelations and/or "No-Shows" for additional sessions are subject to an additional $100 fee.

​Anyone that is a "No-Show" twice in a row for a tattoo or consultation will be rejected as a client of this shop.

3. Depending on your design, the tattoo may be created over one or multiple sessions. Your appointment will be firmly scheduled after your deposit is placed.


This is a relative question and varies from person to person. Everyone has different pain tolerances and some locations that feel torturous on one person, may incline another person to fall asleep. That being said, the common locations that tend to be more sensitive than others are the top of the foot, the ribs, the face and head, armpits, and the abdomen. Anywhere that nerves tend to converge will be of particular discomfort. Therefore, unless you're looking for a meditation challenge, it is also suggested that you stay away from nipples, genitalia, and the bottom of the feet, along with the inside of the hands.


Hand and foot tattoos, while they look so cool when fresh, will certainly have heavy shedding during the healing process and also wear off at a much faster rate than other locations of the body. More so nearer to and on the fingers and toes. This is due to the constant use of them. So between daily wear and tear, scrubbing, and more frequent cellular regeneration, don't expect the tattoo to last very long. Acala Tattoo is NOT responsible for the later condition of your tattoo if you insist on a location that is advised against. A separate form will be required to fill out, and you will have to pay for any touch-ups or re-dos.


Aftercare instructions will be made available to you after your first session is completed. However, if you happen to lose them, click on this image

below, and don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns. It is VERY important that you not only follow the suggested After Care, but also maintain

proper health, sleep, and nutrition while your tattoo heals.


Sometimes, depending on your personal healing process, some color may "fall out" in tiny areas. It happens, don't panic. This is different from the normal shedding of the epidermis, and we are more than happy to fix it for you. Any necessary touch-ups immediately after your final healing are "on the house". We pride ourselves in giving you the best tattoo possible, within reasonable practices from both parties. However, we will not "freshen you up" every month or so just to keep that bright, new look. That costs extra, and is unnecessary since we use very hihg-quality inks. Negligent aftercare also falls on your responsibility.


While this was common practice in the not-so-distant past, back in 2008 New York State made it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 years to get a tattoo, even with parental consent. It is classified as a Class B Misdemeanor (NYS Penal Law 260.21 Unlawfully Dealing With A Child in the Second Degree). While some shady tattoo shops and "home artists" don't care, we do care here at Acala, and politely refuse to put you, your child, or ourselves in an illegal situation. We understand the motivation and fashion for young people to get inked up. But believe us when we say that it is best for them to wait until they're at least 18 years old, for many reasons. If anything, it should give them plenty of time to REALLY make sure of what they want on their body for the rest of their lives. Don't be impatient, and certainly don't settle for just any artist or design. We are more than happy to get them started on this beautiful and expressive art form, once they are of age, and provide them with a good experience.

Also, please do not bring small children into our shop while getting your tattoo done. It is distracting for all, and we must maintain a clean and relaxed environment here. Be advised that it is a very adult atmosphere. Keeping your entourage to a minimum of 1-2 people is appreciated as well.


Uuuhhhhh, NO. There are many brands of inks on the market and VERY FEW that we actually trust. Those "fad tattoos" that use the "black light inks" are not safe at all to use. They are unregulated from China, and industry sources report that cleaning detergents are used in them, and are therefore, unsafe for the human body. **UPDATE** December 2018 - It appears that Mom's Inks has made safe Glow / Neon / Black Light products. However, reviews have shown that the effect doesn't last more than a few weeks. Therefore, we will still not be doing these kinds of tattoos.

Here at Acala Tattoo, we are proud users of StarBrite Colors TM. They are manufactured here in the USA in Somers, Connecticut, in a sterile manufacturing environment. Their colors are bright, bold, and last a long time. We know Tommy, the owner and manufacturer personally, and trust his product.

BUSINESS POLICY UPDATES - October 2018 Forward

With social media being what it is, we understand the convenience of communicating with us on whatever platform you happen to be on at the time. After all, we have to show our works and advertise over many interfaces. However, there are so many avenues that it becomes both confusing and overwhelming to keep up on everything. Unfortunately, a few inquiries have gotten lost in the shuffle here and there, so we wish to streamline the methods of communication. Therefore, we will only be accepting bookings, questions, and reference photos in the two following ways...

Our current email service (info@acalatattoo.com) has proven squirrelly and unreliable as of late, so for the time being, we have created a new email account: 

Marcus’ personal clients may also continue to call and text him at his number: 315-402-3160

The personal clients of our other Artists may discuss with them, the best method of communication.

We will NOT accept booking inquiries from Comments or DM platforms on Facebook, Messenger, Pages, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, or any other social apps. We love hearing from you, and want to make it easier for everyone in simplifying our methods of communication. But by all means, please continue to show your love by Liking and Commenting on our posts across all of the apps we participate on. We sincerely appreciate your support and sharing our interest in Art with everyone!

Since it’s founding, Acala Tattoo & Design has been, and currently remains, an “Appointment Only” shop. While we do plan on accepting Walk-Ins in the near future, we can not accommodate them at this time. This also goes for the famous "Friendly Pop-In”. We run a very tight and booked schedule, with every minute of our days accounted for. Sometimes we only get a few minutes to eat, clean up, and prepare for our next client. But usually, we’re in the middle of work. What seems like a friendly visit or convenient inquiry, can throw off the rest of our day. We’d prefer to reserve such necessary moments for our immediate families and significant others, when warranted. But stay tuned... we will be announcing open policies some time in 2019! In the mean time, please schedule consultations via Email and Phone. We’re always happy to hear from you and get you in!

Minus the occasional mural or passion project, Marcus will NOT be taking on any more commissions or accounts outside of tattooing after the end of 2018. That goes for graphic design, advertising, logos, motorcycle and hotrod custom paint, portraits, etc. He is instead choosing to use his limited secondary time to focus on the needs of the business and creating more original tattoo designs, along with personal Art for sale. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our new policies. As our business grows and evolves, so must the manner in which we have to conduct business. We can not express our gratitude enough for those that have supported us both as clients and fans. Our hope is to make everyone’s experience better with these new policies, into the future.