Come join us for the 3rd Annual Ink To End Lyme: Tattoo Fundraiser!

We will have a few Flash sheets with a variety of designs to choose from.

Tattoos will be priced between $50 - $150, and will be taken on a First Come - First Serve basis. Walk-Ins Only. Proceeds will go to

Lyme Disease Research and be donated through the Lyme Warrior Foundation.

We will have refreshments, light snacks, music, and give-aways throughout the day.

If you don't want a tattoo, but would still like to donate, we will have a jar at the shop.

Marcus, the owner of Acala Tattoo has a wife with not only Chronic Lyme Disease, but also the co-infections of Bartonella and Babesiosis. He has seen first hand how debilitating and stressful these conditions can be, and is honored to be part of the cause.

If you are an artist that would like to participate in this event, please contact us at 315-402-3160.

BUSINESS POLICY UPDATES - October 2018 Forward

With social media being what it is, we understand the convenience of communicating with us on whatever platform you happen to be on at the time. After all, we have to show our works and advertise over many interfaces. However, there are so many avenues that it becomes both confusing and overwhelming to keep up on everything. Unfortunately, a few inquiries have gotten lost in the shuffle here and there, so we wish to streamline the methods of communication. Therefore, we will only be accepting bookings, questions, and reference photos in the two following ways...

Our current email service ( has proven squirrelly and unreliable as of late, so for the time being, we have created a new email account:

Marcus’ personal clients may also continue to call and text him at his number: 
The personal clients of our other Artists may discuss with them, the best method of communication.

We will NOT accept booking inquiries from Comments or DM platforms on Facebook, Messenger, Pages, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, or any other social apps. We love hearing from you, and want to make it easier for everyone in simplifying our methods of communication. But by all means, please continue to show your love by Liking and Commenting on our posts across all of the apps we participate on. We sincerely appreciate your support and sharing our interest in Art with everyone!

Since it’s founding, Acala Tattoo & Design has been, and currently remains, an “Appointment Only” shop. While we do plan on accepting Walk-Ins in the near future, we can not accommodate them at this time. This also goes for the famous "Friendly Pop-In”. We run a very tight and booked schedule, with every minute of our days accounted for. Sometimes we only get a few minutes to eat, clean up, and prepare for our next client. But usually, we’re in the middle of work. What seems like a friendly visit or convenient inquiry, can throw off the rest of our day. We’d prefer to reserve such necessary moments for our immediate families and significant others. But stay tuned... we will be announcing open policies some time in 2019! In the mean time, please schedule consultations via Email and Phone. We’re always happy to hear from you and get you in!

Minus the occasional mural or passion project, Marcus will NOT be taking on any more commissions or accounts outside of tattooing after the end of 2018. That goes for graphic design, advertising, logos, motorcycle and hotrod custom paint, portraits, etc. He is instead choosing to use his limited secondary time to focus on the needs of the business and creating more original tattoo designs, along with personal Art for sale. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our new policies. As our business grows and evolves, so must the manner in which we have to conduct business. We can not express our gratitude enough for those that have supported us both as clients and fans. Our hope is to make everyone’s experience better with these new policies, into the future.

April 6th, 2017

I had the pleasure of being commissioned to do a painting for Don Rickles back around 2007. It was a watercolor of him and Johnny Carson, during "The Japanese Spa" skit on the Tonight Show. Unfortunately, it was such a last minute job that I never got to take a photo of it before sending it off. Cell phones not being what they are now, and out of film for my camera.

I did, however get word back from Don. He said that he absolutely loved the piece and cried when he looked at it. He was very close to Johnny and the painting hangs on the wall, behind his home office desk, as the centerpiece.

The King of Insults, "Mr. Warmth", was also very much a softie at heart. It was indeed an honor to do it, as he was one of the greats and part of a generation and circle of performers that I idolize to this day. Rest In Peace, Don! You know he's giving God a hard time, lol

- Marcus



This year, Marcus' fresh tattoo

of a hummingbird won

BEST ARM PIECE 2018 at the



We prefer that you have at least 2-3 Years of shop experience and a respectable client following, but exceptional rookies will be considered. If called for an interview, please also bring a sketchbook or two with current drawings so we can see your work process. We are looking for creative lovers of Art, not just human photocopiers and tracers. Please have a great balance of professional customer service, work ethic, discipline, and a cool, fun personality.

Here at Acala Tattoo, we place draftsmanship and painting ability very high. Regardless of your fundamental aptitude, continuing education in many forms of Art will be offered to help you become the best artist possible. Traditional skills translate into amazing tattoos!

Only a few spots are available. We are looking for at least one artist that specializes in American Traditional / Neo Traditional, and other artists with a more modern style. Please be ready to interview within days of applying.

We are not biased if you're a local or wish to relocate to the Syracuse Area from afar. We just want some talented and chill artists who love their jobs, so send us a message and let's get to it! We will consider a full-time Permanent Make-Up Tattoo Artist as well. Percentages are competitive!

​As long as this ad is up, we are hiring.



Our Apprentice is currently booking tattoos for practice. We will be monitoring his work closely

and assist in giving lessons and corrections during these sessions. As a client, you must understand that the trade-off for cheap work is being his guinea pig. Therefore, you may not receive the same quality of work as our seasoned artists. As his work gets better, we will raise the price per session. To participate in his practice, TEXT him at 315-256-2173


Marcus at Acala Tattoo collaborated with Cayentano Valenzuela of Black Rabbit Studios

on this mural in downtown Syracuse, NY.

You can read the article HERE


The Art of Tattooing

Everson Museum of Art

402 Harrison St., Syracuse, NY

June 30th through August 5th, 2018

We're very flattered to have been invited to contribute a piece to “Embracing The Underground: The Art of Tattooing” at the Everson Museum of Art. Admission is $8, but it’s “pay what you wish” on Wednesday’s and FREE every third Thursday of the month from 5p-8p.

The curation is fantastic and will contain a wealth of talented artists in the Upstate NY area. Along with the plywood body suits, there will also be a library of original Flash pages on display. While my piece is not for sale, many will be. If you’re into any kind of art, especially tattoos, come on down to check everything out! Cheers to Jamie Santos for all her hard work!

Click HERE and HERE for more information.